March 20, 2012

About Us2012 Past MeetingsMarch 20, 2012 - Landlords, Tenants and Neighbor Relations

If you are a landlord, renter or neighbor this meeting is for you! How to build good Landlord/Tenant & Neighbor Relationships
Panel members:
1. Detective Wendy Bynes: Santa Cruz Police Department Detective Bynes will discuss law enforcement roles pertaining to landlord / tenant disputes, how incidents are dealt with, what might trigger a call what the protocol is when responding to a nuisance noise call. Having neighbors sign noise ticket vs just having the police give a warning.

2. Douglas L. Zuidema: Director, Student Judicial Affairs & ADA Compliance Resolution Officer 1156 High Street, University of California, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA 95064 831-459-4447/1738, Student Judicial Affairs Home Page: On-line reporting form:

As the Director of Student Judicial Affairs, Doug is the primary university contact for Santa Cruz neighbors who are having concerns with UCSC student conduct. Specifically, in the areas of party houses, major criminal activity, or as a resource to problem solve other issues neighbors may be experiencing as it relates to UCSC students. Doug will talk about how the university gets involved in helping to solve these problems.

Misc other info: It is important to realize there are limits to what the university can address under our Code of Student Conduct. For example, we must be able to identify an individual as a UCSC student by name before an incident can even be reviewed for possible conduct or other actions as may be appropriate. In addition, matters such as compliance with lease agreements, non-payment of rent, etc are civil matters that Student Judicial Affairs cannot address.

Also, as a member of the campus CARE Team, you may contact the CARE Hotline at (831) 459-3456 to report a student you are concerned about and may be in distress. Additional online resources for students in distress can be found at:

3. Caleb Baskin: Managing Partner Baskin Grant Law Firm

Caleb Baskin will speak to informal and formal legal methods of addressing disputes between neighbors and student rentals,including letter writing and documentation, small claims court and general litigation.

4. Debra Wallace: Broker Associate Karon Properties 831.426.6696 x102 DRE#01355665 831.426.6696 x102 DRE#01355665

Debra Wallace is a Broker Associate and Property Manager with Karon Properties in Santa Cruz. Debra has been managing rentals in the City of Santa Cruz for the past 11 years. Many of properties she manages happen to be student households. She will present a property manager’s perspective on the benefits of the Unruly Gathering Ordinance. Additionally, she will discuss other efforts being made toencourage tenants to be respectful of their neighborhood and neighbors.

5. Karen Calcagno, CPCC, PCC, ORSCC: (831) 475-4479 PO Box 1080, Soquel, CA 95073

As a commercial and residential landlord for over 30 years, she will share some of the tips she taught in her "Successful Landlording" class at Cabrillo College. She provides coaching and training so that landlords and tenants are clear about expectations and have a game plan for those times when life doesn't go as planned.
Karen is the co-founder of the Landlord Club.

Debra Wallace - Property Manager Presentation

Caleb Baskin - Lawyer presentation

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