February 21, 2012 - Water Overview Meeting

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Water Overview Meeting Speakers - February 21, 2012

Bill Kocher, Director S.C. Water Dept.
A brief introduction about usage in our county and how various communities work together (or not); S.C. City history of past and present methods of water capture, retention and usage; projections for future usage and needs. History of all surrounding Water Districts were covered and what their water situations are.

Toby Goddard, Water Conservation Mgr, S.C. Water Dept.
Methods of reduced consumption and conservation that are currently being practiced in the city; methods not in use that merit consideration; information about practices each of us can do and/or consider.
http://www.scwd2desal.org/documents/Presentations/Feb21_2012/SC%20Neighbors%20Feb%202012%20-%20Goddard.pdf Water Conservation Presentation by Toby Goddard

Piret Harmon, Business Mgr., S.C. Water Dept.
Financial picture: the cost of water delivered to your tap; managing operating expenses and developing funding strategies for the capital improvement program including desalination project. http://www.scwd2desal.org/documents/Presentations/Feb21_2012/SC%20Neighbors%20Feb%202012%20-%20Harmon.pdf Financial Water Picture Presentation by Piret Harmon

Heidi Luckenbach, Desalination Program Coordinator, Soquel Creek Water District 2 Organization
The proposed desalination project as part of proposed supplemental supply component of Integrated Water Plan for city; the agencies involved; the technologies to be used; FAQs hot topic issues.
Desal Program Presentation by Heidi Luckenbach

Gary Griggs, UCSC Distinguished Professor of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences Coastal Processes & Geologic Hazards
An introduction to Professor Griggs's background and professional history with regards to work in the Monterey Bay itself and the area, in general, and a discussion about impact of projects on same.
Gary Griggs Notes

ADDITIONAL information (In no particular order):
A Bay-Friendly Lanscaping Guide to Mulch
Save Money, Control Weeds, and Create Healthy Landscapes
Water-conscious gardens
Bay Friendly Practices
Bay-Friendly practices foster soil health, conserve water and other valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution

Sustaining Our Water Future: A Review of the Marin Municipal Water District‚ Alternatives to Improve Water Supply Reliability

Right to Vote on Desal
“The purpose of this Charter Amendment is to enact a comprehensive policy ensuring that the City of Santa Cruz does not approve, permit, or fund a desalination project without voter approval.”
Desal Alternatives
Exploring alternatives to desalination in Santa Cruz, CA

scwd2 Desalination Program - City of Santa Cruz
The City of Santa Cruz Water Department (SCWD) and the Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) have identified desalination as the best option for delivering a flexible and reliable water source. To take advantage of the benefits derived from a cooperative facility, SCWD and SqCWD have joined together to address their different needs and share the costs associated with evaluating the proposed project.
Regional Seawater Desalination Program Website
The City of Santa Cruz Water Department (SCWD) and Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) have been collaborating to conserve, protect and create reliable water resources. Both have already implemented numerous stringent conservation and curtailment requirements to maximize efficient water use, but the region needs a reliable supplemental water source that will provide needed supply during droughts and protect groundwater aquifers from seawater intrusion.
Water Smart Gardening in Santa Cruz County

City of Santa Cruz REBATES
Compost Bin, HE Clothes Washer, Lawn Removal, Rain Barrel, Toilet

Home Water Survey
This free service is designed to help you control your utility costs and reduce your water use. AND Request a do-it-yourself Lawn Watering Guide OR Request free Water Wise Gardening Literature

Water for Tomorrow - Making the Most of Every Drop
Water Recycling P4. and Desalination P7 & P17.2010
Water for Tomorrow Magazine

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